Price Plans

Database Browser is a great add-on for Commercial, Educational as well as Non-Profit organisations.

Basic features

  • Manage database connections
  • Query table using query wizard and get the results into Google sheet

Basic features of "Database Browser" is always FREE.

Professional License

Premium features need a professional (Pro) license. You can choose from the below plans based on your profile and usage pattern.

Premium features

  • Query with custom SQL - Write your custom SQL (that typically joins multiple tables)
  • Enhanced max results size (no limit, but recommended max size is 25000 rows)
  • Schedule queries to run automatically in the background
  • Monitor automatic executions
  • Edit database table data from Google Sheets and update back to database

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Only $6 per Month


Only $60 per Year

Note: Please provide your gmail or G Suite email id from which you will be accessing this add-on.

Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan

Attention: Customers from India:

  • Indian Customers can pay in INR
  • If You are not be able to pay through PayPal, please contact us or write to with the plan that you are looking for.
  • We can send you bank details for directly transfer
  • Following payment, we can provision your license

Manual Invoice Option

If you face issue to pay via PayPal or would prefer paying through NEFT/ IMPS/ UPI

Domain or Group License

*** Popular with teams and companies ***

Want "Database Browser" for more than 5 or more users in your domain?

  • You can choose a plan that is suitable to your business
  • Provide Domain Admin Email (the email from which you will make communication with us)
  • and make the payment.

After making payment, please Contact Us or write to us at with the list of users (email ids) that need to be provisioned under your purchase. You may change the users in future by writing to us.