Schedule Query Execution

What is Query Execution Scheduling?

  • Query Execution Scheduling means scheduling the execution process to run automatically for regular time intervals. It will run as a background process.
  • The time interval is set in Run in Background section of Settings Page.
  • A single query can be scheduled to run from a list of Queries from the Query page for regular time intervals.
  • This Scheduling is done in Automatic Execution section of Query Page.

This Scheduling method is available only for Pro users.

How to setup?

Run in Background:

  • Open the "Add On" and click the settings icon present at the top right corner.
  • Move on to the Run in Background section.
  • Tick the check box named Run Automatically.
  • Enter time in hours for which the execution is to be done automatically.
  • Click the Done icon so that the execution scheduling will be activated.
  • Click the Cancel icon to cancel the Scheduling process.

Note: In case scheduled executions are not happening, try to uncheck "Run Automatically" and recheck, then click on tick mark.

Automatic Execution:

  • Open the "Add On" and open the query which needs to be scheduled.
  • Move to the Automatic Execution section and tick the check box run automatically .
  • The execution will start according to the schedule.