Comprehensive Query Features

Comprehensive Query features includes

  • Query Wizard
  • Custom SQL
  • Field Picker
  • Sort
  • Filter
  • Destination Setup

Query Wizard

  • Mention the required query name.
  • Select the connection.
  • Select Query Wizard.
  • Select the tables required.

In Query Wizard the tables will list all the entities in dropdown. Users can select the required entity and execute the query.

Custom SQL

  • Mention the required query name.
  • Select the connection.
  • Select Custom SQL.

In Custom SQL users need to mention the required entity in the SQL box. The format should be "select * from 'entity' "

Field Picker

  • In Query Wizard users can pick the required fields and display only those in Google Sheet.
  • Select the fields required by clicking on them.


Filter helps to Filter only the particular data needed.

  • Choose required Field.
  • Choose the operator required.
  • Mention the value to be filtered.
  • Click the "+" icon to add more filters.

Cell Value picker

  • Click on 'T' Icon
  • The menu will open
  • Select Cell value
  • You can provide your sheet name and range in format "Sheetname!Range"
  • Clicking on picker icon will pic the current selected cell.


Sorting helps to sort a value in ascending or descending order.

  • Choose the required field.
  • Select the value as ascending or descending.
  • Click the "+" icon to add more sorting.

Destination Setup

  • Choose the required sheet to save data.
  • Select the starting Cell.
  • Switch on Include Header to include header.
  • Switch on Clear Sheet before execution to clear old sheet data.

If new sheet needs to be created and data needs to be saved in that sheet:

  • Click the "+" icon in choose sheet.
  • Mention the required sheet name.
  • Click "✓" icon to save.
  • Click "" icon to cancel.