Connection Management

In Database Browser users need to create a connection to setup databases. Users can create, delete, update connection as per their requirement.

Create Connection

  • Click Add-ons > Database Browser > Start.
  • The following screen appears.
  • Click on Create New Connection to create new connection.
  • Mention the required connection name.
  • Select the required database.
  • Mention the required Host Name or IP Address.
  • Mention the required Database Name.
  • Mention User Name.
  • Mention the password.
  • Click test now to test the connection.
  • Click Save to save the connection.
  • Click Back to go back to connection.

Update Connection

  • Open ththe saved connection.
  • Edit as per requirement.
  • Save the connection.

Clone Connection

  • Click on Clone icon to clone the connection.

Clone means making an identical copy of the previously saved connection.

Delete Connection

  • Click on Delete icon to Delete the connection.