Date Macros

What is Date macros?

Date macros refers to the shortened representation of a date period in Database Browser.

A date macro has a name to identify the date period. When the macro is used, it expands internally to start date time and end date of the period.

  • Configure the connections and queries.

  • Click on Filter.

  • Select the required field.

(Note: The field value should be of Date or time format)

  • Select the matches as macro.

  • Select the required value.

Date macros supports date and time fields only.

The values that are supported are

  • Yesterday

  • Today

  • Tomorrow

  • Previous Week

  • This Week

  • Next Week

  • Previous Sunday to Saturday

  • Previous Month

  • This Month

  • Next Month

  • Previous Quarter

  • This Quarter

  • Next Quarter

  • This year to last Month

  • This Year

  • Previous Year

  • Last Year