Query Management

In Database Browser users can create, delete, clone, update queries as per their requirement.

Create Query

  • Click Add-ons > Database Browser > Start.
  • The following screen appears.
  • Click on Create New Query to create new query.
  • Mention the required Query name.
  • Select the required Database Connection.
  • Select Query Wizard or Custom SQL.
  • Select the required table.
  • Select the required fields to pull data from Database into sheet.
  • Click on Filter to add Filters.
  • Select the required field, value etc for filtering.
  • Click the delete icon to delete filter.
  • Users can add multiple filters.
  • Select the required fields for sorting.
  • Click delete icon to delete sorting.
  • Select the required max results.


  • Choose the required sheet to save data.
  • Select the starting Cell.
  • Switch on Include Header to include header.
  • Switch on Clear Sheet before execution to clear old sheet data.
  • Switch on Run automatically to schedule a service.

Notification Settings

  • Switch on Notify on Execution to send notification after successful execution.
  • Click on Setup Email Template to setup Email template.
  • Switch on Add attachments from Google Drive to add attachments from Google Drive.
  • Select the required Sheet.
  • Select the range as Full Sheet or Range.
  • Mention the required range.
  • Switch on Embed as Inline table if required.
  • Switch on Ignore empty rows if required.
  • Switch on Attach PDF if required.

The sample Email Template looks like the following.

  • Mention the required From Name.
  • Mention the required To, Cc, Subject.
  • Compose the message as required.
  • Select save to save email template.
  • Select Cancel to cancel email template.
  • Click Execute to execute the service.
  • Click Save to save the service.
  • Click Back to go back.

Delete Query

  • Click on Delete icon to Delete the service.

Clone Query

  • Click on Clone icon to clone the service.

Clone means making an identical copy of the previously saved service.

Update Query

  • Open ththe saved query.
  • Edit as per requirement.
  • Save the service.
  • Again execute the service.