Update feature allows user to update records in the database table directly by updating records in Google sheets

  • Consider this as the original sheet with sample data from databases.
  • Click on Menu > Edit.
  • The following screen appears.
  • Click on Start Tracking to start checking for any updates in sheet.
  • Click on Start Tracking and start editing your sheet. Database browser automatically starts monitoring your edits and changes edited cell to blue color and shows the updated rows in add-in side navbar(it may take while to change color) .
  • Once you have done with editing cell values choose your database connection and table that's needs to be updated.
  • Once everything is set click on save button and it will start updating your table with sheet values.
  • If the Update is successful the entire row gets colored as green, indicating that update was successful.
  • If any of the data is not updated an error message is displayed. The not updated row gets colored as red, indicating that this particular row is not updated. A note is added to the first cell of the corresponding row representing the error.
  • Once update is complete you can click on Stop Tracking to stop monitoring sheet value edits.

Note : For updating records primary key should be present in your sheet otherwise it will start inserting new records.

Color Coding

  • Blue - Edited values in Google Sheet.
  • Green - Successfully updated database.
  • Red - Failed to update database.
  • The edited cell is highlighted with Blue color.
  • The entire edited row is highlighted with Green color.
  • The entire edited row is highlighted with Red color and error message is displayed in it.