Test Database

For convenience to test Database Browser online, a sample cloud database is provided below for use. You can use it to get familiar with Database Browser.

(Please note that the test databases are sandbox environments. Availability is not guaranteed)


Test Connection Details

Database Type: MySQL

Host: us-cdbr-iron-east-03.cleardb.net

Database Name: heroku_eac377a18b009b8

User Name: bd0617aba4eb0d

Password: cc31163c

This database has an invoice table, which you can query.


Test Connection Details

Database Type : PostgreSQL

Host : ec2-18-233-32-61.compute-1.amazonaws.com

Database Name : d3j5s5ce29g1sb

User Name : hynvocnxbhzfrq

Password :  432c2413ca0e0936d7bce8925dc6f98d4b6e26ac47bc0856e3a0aca76d04fbbc