Database Browser Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the databases supported?

Please check Supported Databases page for the details. We are looking at supporting more databases in the future. Let us know if you want support for certain database.

How do I select specific fields from a table and query on specific condition and order?

You can use the wizard option to select the fields from a table, apply filters and set sort order before executing the query.

Can I update records from table using Database Browser?

Yes, you can update records using "Edit" feature in Database Browser add-on. Note that this is a pro feature.

Can I delete records from table using Database Browser?

To avoid accidental mistakes or misuses, Database Browser does not allow any deletion of data from database/ tables.

Is there a test database to check Database Browser?

Yes, you can use the test database details to play with Database Browser add-on. Please note that this is a sandbox test database environment and have maintenance and restarts without notice.

Can I run complex queries joining multiple tables?

Yes, you can write direct custom SQL and execute it in Database Browser. Note that this is a pro feature.

Do I need to keep the Google Sheet open to have my queries execute in the background?

No. The background process runs automatically even if you have not opened the Google Sheet.

Connection Issues

I get error when connecting to Google Cloud SQL inspite of giving all connection information correctly. What is wrong?

Please check whether Google Cloud SQL is configured to be connected from Apps Script (G Suite script on which Database Browser is written). Whitelisting is required for Google Cloud SQL and other databases,

Refer "Setup for Google Cloud SQL" section in

Whitelisting for Google Cloud SQL

Whitelisting required for Other Databases

Refer "Setup for Google Cloud SQL" section in for full details on whitelisting.

How do I specify a port in the connection?

You can specify the port in the IP address field with :<port> as a suffix. Please see the sample below.

Can I connect to databases running in my machine (localhost) or in LAN?

Remember that Google Sheet and the add-on is running in the cloud server. To connect a database from Database Browser add-on,

  • the machine / instance where your database is running must be connected with Internet
  • IP address / domain of the machine is exposed as public static IP and
  • access to the port is enabled in the database.

If you make these configuration in your database machine, it can be connected.

When I copy the Google Sheet, I am not seeing any of the connection in the copied Google Sheet. Why?

When you copy the Google Sheet, the connection details are not copied into new Google Sheet. This is to implemented purposely to avoid security issues on unauthorised access from anyone who copies your Google Sheet. So, on the new sheet you will need to configure the connections again.


How many rows can I generate with Pro license?

The free plan has a max results limited to 100.

There is no limit on the max results for Pro user. However, you need to consider the GSuite limitations on the number of cells, execution time, Spreadsheet usage limits etc when planning the max results. Approximately, 25000 records for a medium size table would be a safe maximum level.

How many spreadsheet can I use for 1 pro license?

There is no limit on the number of spreadsheets and number of queries. The underlying GSuite limits (Spreadsheet, Execution time, External query etc limits) are the limits. The license is attached to a GSuite/Gmail user (identified by email).


Please check FAQ above and other documentations before making a support request.

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