Price Revision

What is changed?

Database Browser has introduced new categories of Pricing Plan to support more databases and to cater users from different sectors and usage patterns.

The following are the plans

  • Lite

  • Pro (existing)

  • Premium

  • Business

  • Enterprise

These plans are offered as Individual as well as Group/ Domain level. Refer Pricing for more details

Why price plan revised?

The price revision is required for two primary reasons.

  • Control and manage the costs incurred for maintaining server infrastructure to support authentication, authorization, analytics tracking database accesses. Some of the existing usage (by few sector of users) costed us more than what they paid.

  • Provide special implementation and infrastructure to support Premium Databases. G Suite environment wont support to connect all type of databases from App Script. This special implementation and infrastructure enables users to connect with any type of databases

Both of these are having direct implication on the cost and hence the price plan revision.

What is the impact ?

Existing users will continue to be in Pro plan and continue to enjoy the old price for renewals (until the subscription is cancelled or suspended).

However the Pro plans will have limited quota as per the Pricing

What action is expected?

Database Browser counts the usage as number of transactions performed. Refer Pricing for details for Pro plan quota.

Users need to assess their usage and find their average usage per month.

  • If the average usage is within the quota, NO ACTION required. Simply continue to enjoy lower prices, being a loyal user

  • If the average usage is more than the quota

    • Can user adjust usage to be within the quota? If yes, NO ACTION required. Simply continue to enjoy lower prices, being a loyal user

    • User needs more quota. Then the user needs to choose the appropriate plan which could fit for their usage and Upgrade the plan following the upgrade procedure